Day 7 – Selfless Love | The LOG Challenge

Day 7 – Selfless Love | The LOG Challenge

As we reach day 7, I’m sure you’ve grown in your understanding and confidence in God’s love. But it doesn’t stop there! Loving others is how we appreciate and reflect God’s love. He who knows he is loved, can’t help but love.. Continue reading “Day 7 – Selfless Love | The LOG Challenge”

Day 5 – Steadfast Love | The LOG Challenge

Day 5 – Steadfast Love | The LOG Challenge

Today let’s explore God’s steadfast love. God’s love is agape, this means it is unconditional & steadfast. Not depending on who we are, but on who HE is. He’s a dependable God & an UNSHAKABLE foundation.. Continue reading “Day 5 – Steadfast Love | The LOG Challenge”